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Contact Microphones, Body transdcuers, Fan, Video

2017 January – 2017 January

Kulturbunker Köln-Mülheim

»'Nähe' meint sowohl zeitlich wie räumlich interessant, und 'nähernd' meint, aus der Ferne in die Gegenwart rücken.«
– Vilém Flusser: Räume

Narrative loops feed themselves - until they are interrupted or they dissolve. They are narrative circles that want to continue telling themselves, if only they can. They only need their own space in which they can create this time or a time in which they create this space. They don't like to play Super Mario Kart, fellow players distract them. The outside makes them lurch and drift in their narrative space until they can get back on track.

Body transducers and contact microphones are meant to work on solid bodies, but 'solid' is negotiable, as is 'proximity'. With changing players, changing correlations emerge.