SPECIES is a Cologne-based Dance Company, creating works for moving bodies. The group of artists, formed around choreographer Carla Jordão, explore the human body as a fragile composite of its surroundings and inner life: Social structures, cultural traditions, symbiotic coexistence and parasitic afflictions. In their work, SPECIES bring together the singular inscription of life in every-body, to the specific universal situation that we all live in. In that, no-body is replaceable.

SPECIES blooms from the strong artistic vision of the choreographer Carla Jordão and the musician Timm Roller, whose collaborative work has been closely developing since 2018.
The group is currently focused on UNIVERSAL – a series of pieces, exploring the impact of multiple social circumstances on the human body. The first piece of the series, A UNIVERSAL WEAKNESS, has been awarded with the Kölner Tanztheaterpreis 2019.