– Jean-Luc Nancy

2021 November 05

Tanzfaktur Köln (Premiere)

It is necessary to have an opinion and to articulate it – even if it requires a new language that is only articulated through the body. A UNIVERSAL OPINION shows what happens when we free ourselves from movement patterns that are culturally imposed on the body – and how infinitely vulnerable it becomes as a result. 

Opinionated, the body on stage resists movements read as masculine or feminine; fashionable clothing or late-capitalist postural damage caused by office chairs and driving. Once relieved of this, it articulates itself anew and develops a new, all-encompassing language – with which A UNIVERSAL OPINION can be articulated.

A UNIVERSAL OPINION is the fourth part of the UNIVERSAL series of plays. All the works in this series deal with the effects of social systems of power on human bodies.