A Materialism in Sound

Two Podcast-Episodes for ON Cologne


ON Cologne

ON Cologne invited me, to produce two episodes for their Podcast "ONpodcast", so I invited friends and family to talk about sound and music and exchange experiences of perception and creation. Parts of our conversations are then mixed with music of my guests and myself.

For Episode #61, I went for a walk with the multidisciplinary graphic artist Daniel Angermann, who publishes his music under the monicker Jonathan Hurt, on a muddy trail close to Köln. Stuck in a small ex-military forest, between several highways and under the flight path of the nearby airport, we talked about steps and shoes, movement and volume - and that some things stay forever.

For Episode #62, I went to see Nola Bunke and Kai Kanthak. We started with the term "Taktgefühl", a game of words with "tactfulness" and a feeling for musical bars/clock pulses. But with two such bright minds, we instantly reached further into space-time-relations and their connection to consciousness and sound in broader terms.